Makers of the EVR3

Our Passion

We are passionate about building totally immersive VR experiences. VR is still in the early days of development. Most VR applications focus on games or image viewing. At FastCast Media, we are changing how people experience VR by building engaging and immersive worlds. These worlds allow the user to truly explore their environment. These are not games, but instead, fully interactive scenarios built for the Education and Healthcare markets. Powerful and Emotional.
Samsung Gear VR

We focus on delivering solutions aimed to work on the most prolific platforms available today.


Google Cardboard supported and running on the eVR3 hardware.

Unreal Engine 4.1

We develop in the Unreal Engine 4.1 and make full use of the powerful VR engine

True Interaction

Through a inexpensive bluetooth controler, we are able to deliver smooth control and interaction.

eVR3 for Education

The world's first all inclusive VR headset.

The goal is to create and deliver an awesome VR experience, at a great price.  The eVR3 is everything you need to get started in VR, including the Android Tablet, the VR Headset and a Bluetooth controller.  FastCast Media is currently running several pilots in Education and Healthcare, with the goal of successfully implementing Virtual Reality in a real world setting.

  • VR Headset

    Designed specifically for the eVR3 tablet

  • eVR3 Tablet

    1920x1080 Display for Amazing VR

  • Bluetooth Controller

    Full control in the VR world.

  • eVR3

    Able to run Mobile VR content from Google Play Store.

Get in touch

Follow what we are doing at FastCast Media, and please send us any questions you may have.